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Cynthia Burnham.

Leadership Consultant, Executive Presence & Speaking Coach, Author

I coach executives in leadership presence and charisma. By focusing on charisma and presence as learnable skills, I help clients become more powerful and aligned with how they are at their deepest, most authentic core. Thus, empowering them to become the most successful version of themselves.


Focusing on leadership and executive behavior

Leadership Consulting

Serving as a thought partner for individual & enterprise strategic development

Executive Development

Helping leaders create alignment with their authentic, true self & organizational goals through formal 1-1 coaching

Presence Coaching

Creating powerful self-confidence through executive presence & advanced communication techniques

Speaking & Workshops

Engaging programs centered on becoming and owning your best self


Careful and Intelligent Prowess

"Cynthia's careful and intelligent prowess to draw out and perceive facts from and about people, give her an uncanny edge/advantage above many of her peers and competitors."

Techniques With Impact

"Cynthia helped me develop techniques that I will carry forward throughout my career and personal life."

Building Trust

"She has a natural talent for rapidly building a trusting relationship through insightful dialog."

Able to Take on a New Role

"The validation you provided me through your coaching has been invaluable. Honestly, without our coaching time together I am not sure I would be taking on this new role."

Cynthia Understands People!

"I found her to have a broad and thorough understanding of people, company cultures and relationships."

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Cynthia Burnham.