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Areas of Focus.

Utilizing 40+ years of combined corporate and independent business experience, I coach senior and mid-level executives across multiple industries including, defense, biotech, financial, consulting and technology. My areas of expertise are centered around personal presence, leadership enhancement and powerful communication techniques.

Leadership Consulting

Thought partnership for individual & enterprise strategic development

Communicate key messages more clearly to achieve a common vision

Handle challenging management, political or personal relationships

Executive Development

Develop & integrate new skills and behaviors for success

Provide strategies for accelerating change in new or transitioning roles

Develop self confidence that is authentic to your most powerful self

Presence Coaching

Master the skills to be confident & charismatic for greater impact

Make data come alive with advanced presentation skills

Converse with clients confidently & network more strategically

Speaking & Workshops

Engaging, knowledgeable & impactful workshops & presentations

Presentation topics: executive presence, business planning, change management, career development, style assessment & selling to women

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Careful and Intelligent Prowess

"Cynthia's careful and intelligent prowess to draw out and perceive facts from and about people, give her an uncanny edge/advantage above many of her peers and competitors."

Techniques With Impact

"Cynthia helped me develop techniques that I will carry forward throughout my career and personal life."

Building Trust

"She has a natural talent for rapidly building a trusting relationship through insightful dialog."

Able to Take on a New Role

"The validation you provided me through your coaching has been invaluable. Honestly, without our coaching time together I am not sure I would be taking on this new role."

Cynthia Understands People!

"I found her to have a broad and thorough understanding of people, company cultures and relationships."

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Cynthia Burnham.